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How Our Process Works

DESCRIBE Pencil Describe the tech issue you’re having or would like assistance with.
MAKE TIME Stopwatch Tell us when you you’d like to have the issue resolved by.
CONTACT Phone Notate the best form of contact - Either email, call, or text.
MATCH Agreement Get matched with IT Professional and view their profile before accepting.
RESOLUTION Fix Troubleshoot your issue via remote support, email walkthrough, or call & text.

What's Quick Sesh?

Quick Sesh is an on-demand marketplace that gets people connected to resolve their tech issues at any time and in any place. People can either join our membership program and get charged monthly for unlimited issues or pay only when they need the service.

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Why choose Quick Sesh?

The uniqueness of Quick Sesh is that it allows you to know the price point, know who’s working on your issue, and determine what technical issue you want to be resolved. We have IT professionals who will fix your issue that best suits you via remote support, email walkthrough, or call and text.

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Quick Sesh for Business.

Quick Sesh offers businesses a free 2 week trial of our on-demand tech service. Email us below to learn more and get started.

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